About Us

Hale Karate Club was established in 2012 and has quickly developed into a large and dynamic club, with a range of training, competition and social activities. However, the club still has a family-feel and is very much a part of the local community. Students of all ages feel a sense of belonging and strong bonds of friendship are formed between club members.

We teach Shotokan karate to children and adults, male and female, of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Most training sessions are “all grades” which means students all train together – beginners and experts alike. However, within these sessions students at a similar level receive small group tuition from instructors, sometimes even on a one-to-one basis. This ensures no one feels lost or left behind in the training.

The club teaches at all levels of experience. Absolute beginners, both adults and children, are welcome. There are always people joining, so beginners are never “alone” – there is always someone just as new to the pastime as you are!

We are experienced in training students from beginner to black belt level – something that can typically be achieved in 3 years with regular training and application. As a club we enjoy great success at regional competitions and even have one member competing nationally within the England squad.

Whilst we take teaching seriously, we also feel that there is more to life than karate. The club was founded by successful lawyer and entrepreneurial businessman Martin Cockx, as a vehicle for him to give back to the community and teach others the skills that helped him throughout his professional career. Our aim is to develop well rounded students who see karate as just one of many things going on in their lives.

Our karate classes provide our members with a safe and healthy opportunity for physical exercise, mental training and relaxation, with personal tuition and encouragement to challenge them to achieve new levels of success. If you or your children would like to get involved in Hale Karate Club, contact us for membership details or to find out more.

To help you learn more about karate and the way it is taught at Hale Karate Club, we have produced a series of factsheets which provide useful background to the discipline:

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History of Karate
Grading and Belts
Language of Karate
Beyond Black Belt