All are Welcome

A karate club can be an intimidating place. From the outside, it looks like a group of people in white pyjamas moving quickly in a complicated way and shouting in a strange language! It is only when you try it that you discover how easy it is to quickly pick up the basic moves and join in.

At Hale Karate Club we want everyone to feel they can come along and try it out, without pressure, cost or embarrassment. Hale Karate Club is an inclusive community, with a membership of all ages and backgrounds. When we put on those white uniforms (it is called a “Gi”) we all become equal, with the only difference between us being the colour of the belt we wear, depicting the level to which we have graded in karate.

Younger Students

We welcome younger students, from the age of 6. We understand that being able to remain focused and concentrate on training for an hour can be difficult at this young age, but our experience is that most children quickly develop this skill. They can then apply that concentration not only in karate training but at school as well.
We are very family orientated and encourage siblings to train together (see our pricing page for details of family discounts). We also understand that children might not be sure they are going to like it, so the first session is free and membership runs from month to month and can be cancelled at any time.

Older Students

It is never too late to start to learn karate – our membership includes students in their 60’s! For adults who are worried that the children might pick up things quicker than they can, we run an adults only session each week, when we focus in detail on specific movements which can then be applied in the general sessions.
Karate is a low impact form of exercise, ideally suited to older people who want to improve their fitness and coordination.

Disabled Students

We cater for disabled students and students with learning difficulties within our general training sessions. The premises have full disabled access.
As karate is a pastime which focuses on the personal development of each individual, success is not measured against others, but against yourself. There is considerable research showing the cognitive and motor function benefits of karate training for people with disabilities or mental illness, showing increases in self-confidence, self-reliance and self-esteem.