The Chance to Compete

Hale Karate Club is a member of the Karate Union of Great Britain, which itself is affiliated to the European Shotokan Karate-do Association. Through this network, members of the club have access to an extensive calendar of competitions at all levels. Many competitions are held nearby in the North West and North Wales.

Competitions are not an essential part of karate training or club membership. However, many of our members enjoy the opportunity to meet fellow karateka (a person who practises karate) and test their skills against competitors from other clubs. It is inevitably a fun day out for the club and regularly results in the award of a trophy or two to club members!

Competitors are arranged in categories based on age and grade, giving everyone a chance to compete on level terms. Students are able to compete in kata (a formal sequence of movements and techniques against an imaginary opponent) or in kumite (putting into practice the attack and defence techniques learnt in the katas against a real opponent).

We like to ease students in to the competitive environment, starting with kata competitions in small, local events. In this way students can become familiar with the structure of a competition and build confidence before entering larger events. Martin is able to advise students and their parents on the selection of events for those wishing to compete.