Karate is a low cost choice of sport compared to others. No special equipment is needed and there is no pressure for the latest fashionable accessory to be purchased. Just the opposite – in the dojo everyone is equal and clothing or equipment is not a way for students to stand out from their peers.

Trial Session

A prospective student’s first lesson is free. After this we will discuss with the student (and his or her parents) the joining process.


Individual membership is £45.00 per month. Family discounts are available for parents/children or siblings. Membership fees are payable monthly, in advance, by standing order. The membership can be cancelled at any time without further charge.

Membership entitles the student to train in the general sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as often as they wish.

Additional Costs.

There are 3 additional costs on top of monthly training fees:

  1. A uniform. The uniform is called a “gi” and may be purchase through the club (approximately £35.00, depending on size) or independently. When purchased through the club, it includes the cost of a white beginners belt.
  2. Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) licence fee. This is an annual fee of approximately £25 depending on the age of the student. Membership of the KUGB brings many benefits and means we are part of the most established karate body in the country.
  3. Grading fees. These are £25 per grading and include the cost of the external examiner and a new coloured belt and high quality certificate if the grading is passed. If a student trains diligently he or she can grade 3 or 4 times a year up to the level of black belt. The process for black belt grading is more complex and can be discussed in detail as that milestone approaches.

Finally, more experienced students wishing to practise kumite will need to purchase a gum shield and gloves before sparring at an advanced level.