Amanda Brabban-Brown

My daughter has now been a member of Hale for three and a half years, she has been through the journey from white belt to black belt and very recently told me she couldn’t imagine karate not being part of her life. She has gained so much from karate, discipline, self awareness, the ethos of hard work, friendships both inside Hale and within the wider karate community and probably most importantly the feeling of belonging to something, a journey that if she wished could last a lifetime. Ellen personally knows people from four to late seventies who have done karate. Hale manages to combine being a large club, with all that means in terms of visiting Senseis, specialist courses, attendance at competitions along with the feel of a smaller more intimate club. Many of the lessons Ellen has learnt within karate have proved useful in her wider life. I can see the ethos of hard work within her disciplined approach to school studies. She herself told me she finds it easier to accept criticism at school than some of her friends. This she feels is because within karate the harder you try the more senior karataka take time out to
support you and kindly point out your ” imperfections” !! She understands the usefulness of constructive criticism . Karate does genuinely produce a rounded person, hard working, self reliant, disciplined but also thoughtful and supportive to more junior members within a club. As a parent I couldn’t ask for more, well apart from moving the club closer to my house!!

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