Asher Horsefield

Our youngest son Freddy, started karate at the young age of 5. He was mad in WWE Wrestling and was constantly fighting at home. We wanted him to learn discipline and when it’s appropriate to fight so thought karate was a great way to teach this as a sport and form of self defence. We love watching Freddy at karate, he enjoys the sessions and seems to have a good attitude towards it. Our eldest son Billy, was reluctant to start karate. He came with us twice a week to take His younger brother. Eventually after watching for a few weeks he decided he would give it a go. Billy now absolutely loves karate, he’s so passionate about it and is eager to attend three times a week. He practices at home all the time and his confidence has grown which is ideal for him starting high school soon. He’s even improved at football, as he is now not afraid to go in for a tackle!

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